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About 1-800-CLINICS

Have you been injured in a work or auto accident? If so, call the personal injury care experts at 1-800-CLINICS. We've provided top-notch care for thousands of injured patients in D/FW. Our experience in personal injury and workers compensation will help you to make sure you get all of the medical care and compensation benefits you deserve. Call 1-800-CLINICS today for a free consultation, free claims assistance, free transportation (if needed), and more.

Get the very best treatment and care for your injury with the experienced and compassionate doctors at 1-800-CLINICS. Call today to learn why 1-800-CLINICS is Fort Worth's preferred injury care provider.


About 1-800-CLINICS

The workers compensation doctors and personal injury doctors at 1-800-CLINICS provide excellent care for those who have been injured in an auto accident, at work, in a slip and fall accident, and other types of injuries. If you've been injured you want experienced injury doctors who know how to work with your claim to get you very best care possible. At 1-800-CLINICS we treat every single patient like family and we are committed to putting our patient's needs first! We don't yield to the pressures of your employer or your insurance agency. We work with the best personal injury attorneys in Fort Worth and will work hard to make sure you get the full medical care and compensation benefits you deserve.

Personal Injury Experts

Our experienced personal injury doctors have treated thousands of auto injuries and other types of personal injury. They know how to work with your PIP insurance or your attorney's Letter of Protection (LOP) to provide great care. They also know how to provide thorough documentation to help you with your case. Our doctors at 1-800-CLINICS realize how important it is to be able to properly link your injury to the accident that occurred. We never skip steps or rush the paperwork because it’s vital to your case that we do everything promptly and accurately.

Workers Compensation Clinic

Our experienced workers compensation doctors in Fort Worth are passionate about providing excellent medical care and claims assistance for injured workers. We have expert case managers that can provide free claims assistance and help you to make sure you file your claim properly and receive all of the medical care and compensation benefits that you deserve according to TDI-DWC or the DOL-OWCP. We also have incredible experience in helping injured postal workers and other federal workers compensation cases as DOL doctors. If you have a OWCP claim, or if you have questions about your OWCP forms, please call the best federal workers compensation doctors and DOL doctors in Fort Worth

A Strong Code of Ethics

We will always stay committed to putting our patient's needs first. This means we do not put other interests ahead of the injured patient, including the interests of the insurance companies and employers. We strive to do what is right in every thing we do, and we'll make sure to provide the proper care for your injury so that you can get back to life! We’re professional and always bring integrity to the table. If you have suffered injuries that will require a lifetime of recovery, our workers compensation doctors will be with you throughout each achievement.



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